•#59 BELT HOLSTER small-medium  •#61 BELT HOLSTER medium-large  •YAQUI Style Holsters
All Leather Yaqui Sytle Belt Holster
Fits: Large, Medium & Small Frame Automatics
        Right-Hand & Cross Draw Only
Yaqui Style Holster combines traditional compact design
with two independent tension screw adjustments which
allows for a custom fit on all pistols. The belt channel has
a circular cut-out for placement on the pant loop to prevent
shifting of the holster. This holster is made for right-hand
and cross draw only. Available in black, or tan leather.

#45 (brown) and #45 (Black) made for slimmer weapons
(Colt 45’s, Para’s, etc.)

#47 (Brown) and #47 (Black) made for medium thickness
(Glocks, Kimbers, etc)

#49 (Brown) and #49 (Black) made for thicker weapons
(Smith’s, Springfield’s, Berretta’s, etc)
$35.00 - Colors: Black or Tan Leather
Black or Tan Leather