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Cordura Thumb Break Belt Clip Holsters
Fits: Any Size Frame Automatics or Revolvers
        Right, Left Hand
These holsters come in a variety of sizes to fit any automatic or
revolver from a .22 Cal 2 shot derringer to a 10.5 inch Ruger
Super Blackhawk. The inside of the holster has a “wicking” material
to draw moisture away from your weapon. Those designed for automatics have a magazine pouch. All (except the very smallest)
have a metal clip with a double lock, and the metal clip can be
removed to allow a belt to be strung through a fabric sleeve. These
holsters are ambidextrous as the clip can be moved to either side,
allowing for both right and left hand draw.
(Make and model of hand gun must be included with order to have proper fit)
$20.00 Auto or Revolver
Automatic or Revolver
Make & Model of your handgun